Risks and side effects of using a Penis Pump


ED – Erectile Dysfunction is a disorder affecting a lot of men. A penis pump is known to help people suffering from ED by enhancing sexual pleasure. Erection is said to be achieved through the usage of penis pump which has a constriction band to constrict blood in order to gain anerection. It is mainly this principle that acts as the base in the design and construction of modern penis pumps. Still, like any other device used on the human body, Penis pump also has side effects. Before you choose to use a Penis Pump a few factors have to be considered.

  1. s-l300The kind of illness that has caused ED. If its psychological like depression, then you have to consider getting it treated psychologically rather than choosing penis pump. However, ED due to other physiological causes like colon or prostate cancer or other genetic issues can be addressed using a Penis pump
  2. Injuries of the penis can cause shrinking of the penis. If you have ever injured your penis, it is risky to use penis pump
  3. If you are taking any medications, including herbal ones avoid using penis pumps. The mechanical action of the pump may lead to bleeding if you are on any medication for ED
  4. Check with you doctor for any other medication which can be used while using a penis pump. Consider the risks of bleeding while you are using the penis pump and if you have any tragedy consult your doctor immediately and share your experiences without hesitation.

mojodigitalSide effects of Penis Pump

1.Petechiae:Tiny red colored spots under the skin of the penis which are caused by bleeding with usage of penis pump

  1. Numbness, coldness and blue discoloration of skin: This happens exactly like it happens when you tie up your wrist or finger with a rubber band. This is due to the constriction band of the penis pump.
  2. Bruises: If you are not used to the penis pump and if you place it wrong then you are sure to injure/bruise your penis.
  3. Unnatural erection: Even though you can have the feeling of natural erection but still it is an artificial method. There is alack of firmness at the base and uncontrollable moves trapping semen during ejaculation are all the irritable parts of using a penis pump. You have to do a lot of hand work to direct your penis to the right position during intercourse which is unnatural. This may also be irritable to your partner.
  4. Cleaning and shaving: For a better grip of the pump, you need to have your skin shaved off the penal hair and keep it clean. A proper grip can only create aproper vacuum and constrict the blood vessel for the expected gain.
  5. Consent of the partner: It is not just you, who is going to decide over the usage of the penis pump. Even ever partner should accept it the way it works and hasa like-mindedness for its usage. It is a discomfort for her too. So, even your partner’s consent matters to use a penis pump.

Choosing the right penis pump

1619.largePenis pumps are available without a doctor’s prescription though prescriptions are considered for insurance claims following a treatment for the related diseases. To choose the right one, you may consult your doctor or can choose the one that suits your sexual needs based on your body’s requirement. They are available online and before buying you can check the various promotional advertisements in magazines and websites. Read user reviews before you choose. A good model should have a vacuum limiter to keep the pressure from causing any damage or injury to your penis.

If you are a beginner, read the various steps to be performed when before you start using it from the various online forums and blogs. Do not go by catchy advertisements which claim that penis pumps help you increase the size of your penis. There is now witness to this fact of increasing the size. You can only take the assistance of penis pump to overcome erectile dysfunction by helping you maintain its natural size proportionate to a man’s body. Attempt to use it just to enlarge size may crap your penis.